Kamis, 23 Februari 2012

What Super Junior likes to do backstage

When on the stage, Super Junior presents to fans thrilling and fun stages for all to enjoy and while they perform to their hearts’ content, sometimes, we would like to see what they do backstage. Well, thanks to leader Leeteuk, we get to see what three of them do backstage.
From what appears to be from the waiting room for Super Show 4 in Singapore, Leeteuk wrote, “In the waiting room, Kyuhyun is brushing his teeth, Donghae is on the internet, and Yesung is a poltergeist.” and attached the above picture with the tweet. Leeteuk is seen standing casually in the room, his camera fixated on the mirror. From the mirror’s reflection, we see that Donghae is looking at the computer, Kyuhyun is busily brushing his teeth while keeping tabs on Donghae, and Yesung is almost a blur as he was in the middle of passing Leeteuk when the picture was captured.
Credit: Ningin

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