Selasa, 31 Januari 2012

Super Junior Choi Siwon “Not Ki Mu Chi, Kimchi”

Super Junior Choi Siwon "Not Ki Mu Chi, Kimchi"
Super Junior’s Siwon is gaining attention for a tweet about Kimchi.
On February 1 Super Junior’s ChoiSiwon wrote on his twitter, “Not Ki Mu Chi. Kimchi. In Korea we call Kimchi Kimchi and not Ki Mu Chi ^^. It is not Kimuchi it is Kimchi.”
One follower had written “Ki Mu Chi 5555555555555” on Siwon’s twitter. “Ki Mu Chi” appears to be a Thai song.
Regardless Korean media sources and Netizens are praising Choi Siwon. Netizens stated, “Although it is a small thing, he still is cool,” “He is a celebrity with common sense,” and “Choi Siwon is a true hallyu star.”
The Korean traditional dish “Kimchi” was highly popular in Japan. Eventually Japanese companies began to make their own version of Kimchi called “Kimuchi.” To the outrage of South Koreans, Kimuchi was being exported. The dispute broke out in 1996 when Japan proposed designating Japanese Kimchi as “Kimuchi” as an official Atlantic Olympic food.
Since then, South Koreans have been criticizing “Kimuchi.”

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