Kamis, 09 Februari 2012

[TRANS] Sungdong Cafe with Heechul

Heenim said he’s never had a gf during valentine’s day or his birthday
Heenim said he once asked the company’s doctor whether he can remove his double eyelid but the doctor said he’s never met any patient wanting to remove his/her double eyelids in 20 years. Heenim said that the process is scary so he’s unable to do it.
Heenim said he doesn’t like to eat sweet stuff and doesn’t really like fastfood like hamburger and sandwich.
Talking about his double eyelids.. LOL.
He imitated the HK movie again!! ROFL!! DAGE DAGE~~
A Malaysian ELF texted in to say that Heenim’s English is not bad and asked him to fighting! Then he said “are you asking me to fight? Hahaha just kidding!”
Heenim said he had fun at Beast’s concert. They sang his favourite “Shock” but there’s no Trouble Maker (cos listener mentioned HyunA).
Heenim said he will play Trouble Maker next week!
Listener talked about kids so Heenim said “I also want to have a kid soon..” He wants to let his kid watch Pororo.. LOL.
Translation by: @heequeenTing 
Q:Are you unsatisfied with your appearance? A: I have ask the clinic physicians, can cut double eyelids?
When I said this, the clinic physicians:as a doctor for 20 years, this is the 1st time hear ppl wanna rid of double eyelids
Q: Hows the feeling when 30 years old? A:When 19 20 years, so excited can drink wine and go to club
when 29 to 30, my feeling is so complex, keep thinking i’m 30, should find a women and get married
Q: Hows the feelin when 30yrs old? A:When 19 20 yrs, so excited can drink wine & go club
when 29 to 30, my feelin is so complex, keep thinkin i’m 30, should find a women & get married
I went to declare English major becuz my English is not so good when i’m still a student before, after went to class
Found its not start teaching A..B..C.. It start teaching the difficult grammar
Translation by: panpan0729, TaiwanLuvSJ

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