Kamis, 02 Februari 2012

Super Show 4 Taiwan, DAY 1 – What is happening?! xD

rehearsal Donghae sang That’s Love (GTV Skip Beat theme song) (zax80731)
Siwon said Eunhyuk is stupid little fish (ayakiss)
Eunhyuk grabbed Donghae’s neck
Artists names in Eunhyuk’s solo changed to Aaron Kwok,Takeshi Kaneshivo, Andy Lau,the last name wasnt heard clearly (XianYu)
Now there are many ELF stay outside Taipei Arena, its rainy a little bit and some media come to shooting it
Now the gate are not open yet, ELF just wait at outside the venue and waiting for get in
ELF are get into the stadium but still have to wait for rock zone areas, concert will start at 7:30pm
SS4TAIWAN is going to start

Bonamana remix, Leeteuk is so hyper walking around and shake his head
Leeteuk introduce, long time no see, im thirty so want to drink water a while
Eunhyuk introduce, Chinese is.. ELF all shout is easy as eat rice, he reply really
Donghae introduce im bu po shang and siwon say im duen hei liang
Leeteuk ask Kyuhyun ELF to you is what then Donghae reply, Kyu angry say are you Kyuhyun?
after You are My endless love going to end, Donghae and Siwon hold hands back to stage
During rokkugo, one member is doing a special pose and let others to do, like shake butt
all the members go back to the main stage, only Yesung keep stand and sing alone then he runs so fast, back to stage
Henry solo, before everyone shoot his chinese name then he reply please, wait me a while
Henry play piano and vilom to sing Lighters, he look so handsome tonight
Eunhyuk say my name, he prepare a small paper to read chinese and say chinese is easy like eat rice
Sungmin new solo with a english song and now is Kyuhyun solo
Kyuhyun solo, he sings A-Mei song for a while, its really nice and touched
Leeteuk solo now, he throw the flower to 2nd floor 1st row, one lucky fan lie on his shoulder
Jobs Kyu keep eating apple while Siwon use a ELF phone to take pic together
Yesung want to lift up Sungmin skirt and Leeteuk also, at last Siwon was successed
Henry and Zhoumi come out to sing Perfection with other members and its chinese version
Donghae finished his special solo “this is love” slip beat song and now is oppa oppa

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