Selasa, 07 Februari 2012

Super Junior’s Shindong turns into a sniffish fashion model

Super Junior’s Shindong brought out big laughs by revealing his characteristic fashion sense as CEO of a shopping mall jokingly in a sniffish manner.
On February 6, Shindong posted a photo on his Twitter page with the comment: “As CEO of a leading shopping mall, I think I definitely know how to wear. Do you think I have any rivals in terms of fashion sense?”
In the photo, Shindong is jokingly posing with an impassive expression in a cheeky, imperious manner like a real fashion model, wearing a suit of casual clothes with showy prints and a matching piece of broad-brimmed blue sunglasses.
Fans who saw the photo as well jokingly agreed with his haughty comment: “No one will never dare to follow your style.” “You surely have no fashion sense rival in Korea.” “I recognize your fashion sense.”
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