Minggu, 05 Februari 2012

Super Junior’s Ryeowook wishes Kyuhyun a Happy Birthday

Currently, Super Junior is in Taiwan for the next segment of their Super Show 4 world tour, but eternal maknaeRyeowook still took the time to wish evil maknae Kyuhyun a Happy Birthday.
Kyuhyun is celebrating his 24th (25th in Korea) birthday with Taiwanese ELFs and Ryeowook tweeted, “releasing Kyu Poom Ryeok photo ~~>< ㅋㅋ Hwaiting for today’s Super Show perf as well!!! ~~ Kyu happy birthday {<”
The picture shows the two from some video (perhaps one of the VCRs for the concert), almost in a “naughty” light. But that’s only because they ‘naughty naughty’.
Credit: Ningin

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