Kamis, 02 Februari 2012

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun not happy that his date, Jung Yeonjoo, likes SHINee

Recently, a few Super Junior members appeared on We Got Married and went on blind dates with actresses. In particular, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun paired up with Jung Yeonjoo, who revealed an amusing fact.
Kyuhyun was driving the two of them as Jung Yeonjoo randomly blurted out, “Oh, my sister loves Super Junior.” Interest piqued, Kyuhyun asked, “Oh, and you don’t have a particular interest?” This startled Yeonjoo, who didn’t answer, so Kyuhyun asked once more, “Well, then do you like any particular singer?” After a pause, Yeonjoo answered honestly, “I like SHINee.” Kyuhyun, miffed, mellowly commented, “*sigh* then you must like Minho?”
However, to his surprise, she denied this and confessed, “No…I like Jonghyun.” Kyuhyun comically and sarcastically responded, “Ah Jonghyun…he’s…yeah…sexy.” Like a child who was denied candy, he crossed his arms in a huff.
Credit: Ningin

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