Jumat, 03 Februari 2012

Super Junior’s Heechul wishes Kyuhyun and miss A’s Jia a happy birthday

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and miss A’s Jia both celebrated their birthday on February 3rd, and Heechulupdated his weibo (popular blog in China) page to wish his fellow member and close friend a happy birthday.
The idol also shared the above selca of himself looking lovely in a pink shirt. Wearing no makeup in the photo, Heechul still looked amazing with his clear and milky skin. In the back, we can see Heechul’s computer on and he just wouldn’t be Heechul if he doesn’t have his own photo set as his desktop photo. (Although I thought he would have set Wonder GirlsSohee as his wallpaper…)
Someone has a bit of a messy desk!
Credit: Ningin (original source Heechul’s weibo)

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