Kamis, 02 Februari 2012

SS4 Taiwan Short [FANACC] “This is LOVE + OPPA’ ^_^ I’m so surprised!!”

Today donghae solo ‘This is LOVE + OPPA’ ^_^ I’m so surprised!! ah..concert’s music is too strong, i can’t hear fanchant, too bad! sungmin’s new solo is dance, i think have some little sexy & rhythm’s dance.. i don’t know! haha i was crazy when he came out.. ah! eunhyuk teach the all audience some dance! I especially like this! seems ‘You & I’ this song, forget haha! unn..others part, someone should wrote etc.. tomorrow i will watch again^^ I’m really so happy today. this ->http://twitpic.com/8erxph

Our understanding & love, thanks everyone!! I’m really tired, and when I watch the concert, difficult to update ;A; .. my fancam so not HD ;A; ahh…so.. Kkkk besides! my account was blocked before, but recently unblock, Just because SS4taiwan! when the concert end & they back to Korea, i will block again
Credit: 2s.소소 (showsu) & Eunhyuk Jewels(은혁 팬) (eunchovylogy)

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