Jumat, 17 Februari 2012

SS4 Singapore Stage Rehearsal Fan Account

Omg the boys just arrived!!!
Boys went out from another gate?
Vic and amber came~ So Vic and Amber for SS4? asdfghjkl
SCREAMS!!! (@ Singapore Indoor Stadium) Boys rehearsaling Bonamana now
rehearsaling Miracle now, i can hear Yesung’s voice :D  Omg Wookie’s voice so nice!!! ♥
JUST SAW DONGHAE!!!!! OMG!! Damn omg speechless KYUHYUN WAVED AT US!!!!!!!!!!
Cho Kyuhyun you evil hahahha
Boys kept teasing us!! Haha i saw Hae, Kyu, Siwon and idk who was he.. He wears red hat, maybe Henry

Prince manager just came out and picked up his phone
Omg Shindong will perform Trouble Maker tml?? Seriously??
Prince manager sexy back lol

Credit: Stefanny Kim (heechulie_)

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