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SS4 Singapore: Idol impersonations

Marilyn Monroe and Maria from popular stage musical The Sound Of Music had the full-house crowd of 5,500 fans screaming for them last night.
And if you didn’t fancy the women, there was also Superman, wrestler Hulk Hogan, Steve Jobs and Charlie Chaplin.
Just who were this comical motley crew on stage and what did they do with Super Junior?
K-pop’s hottest boy band showed why it was king of its craft – it pulled out all the stops when it entertained for four hours at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.
One did need not have understood Korean to have had a smashing time at the Super Junior World Tour – Super Show 4 concert.
The nine heart-throbs – Lee Teuk, Yesung, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun, aged between 24 and 28 – dressed up as famous icons and tickled their fans pink.
Going down memory lane with these famous faces was what sweetened the night for many fans.
Marketing manager Amber Tan, 27 told The New Paper: “I love Super Junior because they are so worldly, if that’s the right word to describe them.
“They know how to tug at the heartstrings and cross all cultural boundaries so that one look at them onstage and I’ll know exactly what they are trying to get at.
“Tonight was a wonderful trip down memory lane. My favourite was when they did Do Re Mi from The Sound Of Music.”
Super Junior was in town for its two-night concert over the weekend.
The boys also held a press conference, during which they talked about being the masters of disguise.
During the concert, Shindong, who has a penchant for cross-dressing, did a hilarious impersonation of Maria, complete with a medley from The Sound Of Music.
“Maria” tried to force a kiss on his love, Captain von Trapp (Siwon), much to the “horror” of the crowd, whose squeals tripled in volume.
On other tracks such as Trouble Maker and Bubble Pop, Shindong milked his inner Britney Spears – teasing the audience with his fake tresses and micro shorts.
Joked Shindong: “I find that there are a lot of similarities between Britney and me. We are both very sexy.”
Another comical act saw Shindong riding a cartoonish airplane across a skyline backdrop, which was all part of the hefty $2 million production.
Handsome Siwon was a crowd favourite when he appeared as Superman, while the slender Lee Teuk, dressed in an exaggerated muscle suit, thrilled as Hulk Hogan .
Known for being the one who interacts most with his fans, Siwon jumped into the crowd fearlessly a few times, causing a huge ruckus as swarms of eager bodies surged forward to grab him.
Marilyn Monroe, otherwise known as Sungmin, pouted and preened and shrieked when Shindong tried to cop a feel by lifting “her” white skirt.
But the most ingenious impersonation was probably the subtle one performed by Kyuhyun.
The only clues?
His mannerisms, glasses and basket of red apples that he carried with him.
Said Kyuhyun, with a laugh: “I kept taking a bite out of the apple so that people would know who I was.
“By that doing that I was advertising for the brand as well.
“Of course, I was Steve Jobs.”
The baby of the group, Kyuhyun, wowed with his beautiful vocals – arguably the best in the band – by taking on Stevie Wonder’s Isn’t She Lovely with finesse.
But halfway through the gig, security personnel caused a stir when they started lining two rows of the seated audience.
As the fans bopped their heads in excitement, anticipating that a Super Junior member would run down the steps, they were in for a pleasant surprise.
Lee Teuk, who was going round the gigantic on-stage arena giving out roses, suddenly paused when he approached the security personnel.
Cue thunderous screams as the group’s leader leapt down from stage with a red rose in hand.
Singing Elvis Costello’s She, Lee Teuk’s eyes searched for the lucky girl, and pandemonium erupted when he knelt down and hugged the chosen fan.
That wasn’t the only blushing lass who got up close and personal with Lee Teuk.
A Japanese fan was picked from the audience to engage in a fake marriage ceremony with him and almost received a kiss on the lips from her idol.
Lee Teuk decided instead to rest his forehead against hers while the shy fan couldn’t stop covering her face with her hands.
Their leader’s romantic gesture made hearts beat faster, but the other members had their own ways of impressing the audience.
Eunhyuk’s solo performance of Self Luminous Bejeweled Handsome Guy captured the entire arena’s attention.
Donghae, who made a rather dashing Charlie Chaplin, scored major points when he ended the night by leaving the fans with something to remember.
He said, before lying down on the floor: “I just wanted to tell you that the doors here are locked so all of you are stuck with me.
“How would you like to spend the night here with me?
“My arm is here, you can rest on it.”
This article was first published in The New Paper.
Credit: AsiaOne | By: Charlene Chua (for The New Paper)

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