Minggu, 19 Februari 2012

SS4 Singapore Day 1 [FANACC]

So it was Sungmin’s turn to choose his girlfriend for Singapore’s SS4 Day 1. He chose a fan from Pen A. When the fan was up there, they saw her holding a Kyuhyun fan and they asked her who is your boyfriend then? And she said Kyuhyun.
So they suggested Kyuhyun and Sungmin should have a fair competition. Sungmin sang It Has To Be You to the girl while Kyuhyun danced to Oppa Oppa (omfg dancingkyu).
After that the girl had to make a choice of who is her boyfriend. Of course the boys did troll again. Siwon backhugged Kyuhyun!!!!!! In the end the fan chose Kyuhyun and Siwon walked over to Sungmin and was like “Stupidddddd!!” in a reallllllyyyy cute voice omg.
So the privilege was that Kyuhyun taught the fan how the gestures are for ‘You and I, at one point he forgot what were the gestures and Hyukjae had to remind him. So in between the teaching he was using english like “next” “important” and asking the fan “you know? you know????”. When he asked the fan “You know??”, Siwon was like “You know what??” lol.
So after the whole segment, Kyuhyun hugged her and escorted her back to the pen. For the next few performances when Sungmin passed by the girl, he will throw a tantrum (in a aegyo way) because she didn’t choose him. XD

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