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Skip Beat with Donghae and Siwon at Singapore Promotions

Here’s the translated interview:
Q: What was it like entering the secondary school (Teck Whye Secondary School)?
Ivy: They were very happy to be able to take pictures in the school, and it was nice to see all the fans gathering around.

Trivia: it has been 8years since Ivy stepped into a school, and it has been 10years for Siwon.
Q. What was Donghae’s school life like?
Donghae studied in a school for males only. But beside his school was a Girl’s school. So after being released from class, he would be able to see a lot of female fans screaming, since he started working with SM Entertainment in his first year.

Which of the two members of Super Junior does Ivy prefer?
Ivy: They are both cute. Donghae is like a small boy, and Siwon has very good manners, and would sometimes show a cute side of him. But both of them treat girls (like me) the right way.

Trivia: At first Ivy did not dare to touch the two men, and she always kept a distance between them because she was afraid of them. Donghae always bullies Ivy!! He’s very playful.

Q: Which part of the whole filming was the most difficult for DH?
Donghae found the part where he died to most difficult. He could not make the correct expression of a person dying, so what the director had to do was to pull his hair so his face would express the emotions of a person dying!! But Donghae would also like to film more romance movies.

*random comment* by Siwon
Reflecting on the filming process, I managed to learn a lot. We had to go through a lot of hard work just to attain success, but even with our efforts, we are still far from getting success. I found that in whatever you do, we should put in our best efforts.

Q:What was Ivy’s reaction to working with SiHae?
At first she felt quite distant to them, and it was very tedious to do a lot of things. When her friends found out that she was working with SiHae, she couldn’t agree with them when they said that they are very good-looking!!

Q:What is it about Taiwanese food that Siwon and Donghae like?
SW: The vegetables are very delicious! All we need to do is cook it for 1hour, and its ready to be eaten!!
DH: the time in taiwan felt longer than it was, and things were going slowly, so I could enjoy my meals more. I’m really thankful for the free time that we were given so we could go out and do things that we wanted to.

*random comment* from DH
Right now in Super Junior, Siwon and everybody are my close friends. When I first joined SJ, my first impression on Siwon was not very good, but he always took care of me like how a father would take care of his son. And when Siwon hugged me, it would feel like as if he was protecting me from something, because he is taller than me.
*add on from SW*
Right now when I have my problems, I always talk to DH. It’s a secret between the 2 of us only. We can talk about the problems we face for 2-3 days non-stop.

Skip Beat! is currently airing in Singapore via E City – StarHub 111/825 every Sunday at 10PM.
Interview translations Credit by: Samuel Lim

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