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Seo Ji Hye’s taking-off performance fazes Super Junior’s Siwon

On the February 21 episode of SBS’s popular variety show, Strong Heart, actor Seo Ji Hye was invited and showed off her witty conversational power.
On the show, Ji Hye revealed an interesting anecdote under the shocking title that said “I have been in the club for eight years.” She opened her mouth by saying, “Since I turned 22, I’ve appeared in four drama series. In every series, I have to have a bun in the oven.”
Lee Seung Gi, a popular actor and the main emcee of the show, asked her if there is any difference between when she plays in historical drama series and series of present-day life. Her answer attracted the focus of male guests’ attention: “The special outfit for pregnant women is helpful to keep out the cold in the winter, but it is too hot to be worn in the summer. Silk dresses for high-standing characters don’t absorb perspiration. That’s why whenever I play for historical series, I become a woman who easily takes off my clothes. Such silk costumes will be sure to kill me in the summer.”
Ji Hye revealed a relevant funny anecdote: “At first, I hurry off jeogori, or Korean traditional upper garment. When it’s too hot, I pull up even the skirt. All the actors and staff members around me enjoyed my taking-off performance, except one person, Super Junior’s Choi Siwon.”
In 2007, Siwon and Ji Hye played together in MBC’s historical drama series Legend of Hyang Dan. “I didn’t care a snap in taking off the costume because Siwon was younger than me. But he looked at me oddly and said, ‘However hot it may be, you shouldn’t forget you are a woman. Please put on the clothes.’ Over time, he became the first person who starts taking off such silk clothes. If you want to see ‘undressed’ actors, visit the sets in the summer,” she said, setting the table in a roar.
Source: Starnews

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