Kamis, 23 Februari 2012

Ryeowook Twitter Update: Ryeowook hand-made

@ryeong9: twitvid.com/0UVOY -  Ryeowook hand made >< Caution for elders
Source: @ryeong9
Translation by: @TaiwanLuvSJ

rough trans of wookie’s video:
Wook talked about people who doesn’t taste the food after cooking, so they don’t know if the food is delicious or not before giving it to other people.
Sungmin: “Who uses this kind of idiotic cooking method?”
Wook: “My mother! My mother doesn’t do tasting. She doesn’t taste food up till now! “
Sungmin: “I’m sorry!!”
Wook: “Our dad still eats everything..”
Sungmin: “I’m sorry, I said the wrong thing!! I’m sorry!!” HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Credit: @HeequeenTing

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