Sabtu, 04 Februari 2012

Messages from the members, to Shindong

Leeteuk : (L)Girls’ president Leeteuk (R)Auction VIP member, 11th street shopping mall superb member Park Jungsu.
Heechul : (L)Did your PC room go out of business??? (*joking*) (R)Space Big Star(What he wrote is Woojoodaestar) Kim Hee Chul
Yesung : (L)Artist’s vocal cords Yesung (R)Let’s not being angry each other with own business( i think he means H&G..?;;)
Sungmin : (L)Just Sungmin (R) Daebak! The day until the multisung would be a world multisung as worlds star Shindong7
Eunhyuk : (L)World anchovy Eunhyuk (R)Congratulations for opening multisung
Donghae : (L)No.3 man Donghae (R)Shopping mall is Auction.(means that ‘the best shopping mall is Auction’. *joking*)
Siwon : (L)Choi Si Won (R)Multisung, let’s go to the world!
Ryeowook : (L)Super Junior Ryeowook (R)Goal is 10,100,000,000KRW Be the rich everyone~
Kyuhyun (L)RadioStar MC Kyuhyun (R)Gamsoosung, rather than Multisung (*Gamsoosung is one of a gag corner in Korea’s gag program, and it means Gamsoo castle. I think he wanted to make a joke)
Shindong : (L)Shindong, who give you monthly salaries (R)Do you want to eat Ramen with selling 10 products? Or do you want to eat beef with selling 100 products?
Credit: ShinDong (shinsfriends)

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