Kamis, 02 Februari 2012

KyuMin on Flight to Taipei [FANACC]

 KyuMin sitting together. Kyu sit by the window. Before taking off, KyuMin started chatting with a staff who was sitting beside of Min then Kyu started playing game on his iPhone and showed to Min, Min had to learn on Kyu’s shoulder to watch and cheer Kyu up also asked about the game that Kyu was playing , Kyu explained to Min about it and asked something back then Min said no,shaking his head, they played and talked for awhile when the plane about to take off Min started taking a nap while Kyu kept playing game and talked to that staff sitting beside Min about the game.
Source:My dear Kyu bias friend v:peachsshi,myevilblack,winesdrop

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