Kamis, 09 Februari 2012

Kyuhyun’s Letter for Friend’s Guest House

Friend’s Guest House~
As much as I chose this house after a lot of research there is not a thing perfect~
Thanks to the tidiness and the kind staff I enjoyed my three days here.
If you guys share this much isn’t there nothing left?
Although I am slightly worried I trust that you will do well and with a promise meet again, I spend my last night~
I am happy that I made a good relationship.
Bumsoo hyung although you must have been tired because of acting, you suffered a lot because of the round trip to Barcelona. (+Bumsoo is the host’s name same as Korean actor Lee Bumsoo. so it’s just joking! lol)
Anyways Friend’s Guest House Hwaiting~! ^_^

It was posted on Secret board, but the photo wasn’t taken by the topic starter.
She said,
It’s nothing special, but one of my friends traveled to Barcelona few days ago.
The guest house where she stayed was same with kyuhyun! (of course she didn’t know that kyuhyun had stayed in the guest house.)
And the host showed kyuhyun’s letter which is in the living room to my friend.
The host said when kyuhyun came to the guest house at first, He drew his hat down low over his eyes, the host thought he looked different from others (the host felt entertainer force lol). also kyuhyun was kind.

and she added, “it’s nothing special, but please show the picture only in Secret. it wasn’t taken by myself.” ;_;ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
(Friend’s Guest House=where he stayed when he went vacation to Spain)
Source: Secret Board

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