Minggu, 05 Februari 2012

Kyuhyun’s father opens up a Korean cram school in Taipei

Super Junior Kyuhyun’s father has opened a Korean cram school in Taipei, Taiwan. The school’s opening ceremony was held on February 3rd. Members of Super Junior participated in the opening ceremony in support of Kyuhyun and his father. Due to the members’ participation, large crowds of fans crowded the streets outside the cram school on the day of the opening ceremony.
The name of the cram school is “Taipei Korean UPI Language Center/Institute”. The walls of the cram school are decorated with posters of Kyuhyun and other Super Junior members. In order to attract fans to attend the school, various promotions were offered. The promotions included 15% off for weekday afternoon classes, paying only 140 NTD per class for 11 classes that total 33 hours and the first 500 people to sign up for classes can attend a Super Junior event. The first 30 people that sign up can attend the opening ceremony, the first 300 can attend a fan signing event and the first 500 can receive autographed memorabilia.
Due to the promotions being offered, there are reports that some fans are signing up with the intention of attending the event and then asking for a refund afterwards. Kyuhyun’s father also admitted at the opening ceremony that there were indeed some cases of this happening.
Check out the news clips of the opening ceremony and a picture of the cram school.
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Source: Yahoo TaiwanTBSCTS and ying5387D, koreaboo

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