Kamis, 16 Februari 2012

Is Super Junior’s Han Geng dating Zheng Kai-tung?

Han Geng (28), a former member of Super Junior, and Chinese actress Zheng Kai-tung (23) recently sparked rumors about having a relationship.
On February 12, a person posted pictures of Han Geng and Zheng Kai-tung on Chinese Weibo with the comment, “Han Geng left for Maldives with Zheng Kai-tung.” In the pictures, the two stars are wearing black jackets and hats and carrying one suitcase.
Zheng Kai-tung, who was born on October 24 in 1989, is a popular Chinese actress who appeared on the TV series Fall in Love.
She became a familiar actress to Korean audiences by appearing on the TV series Another Brilliant Life with Korean actor Park Hae Jin.
A spokesperson for Zheng says, “We are trying to confirm if the rumors are true or not. She is currently taking a break and if the rumors are true we will respect her choice.”
Source: TV Report + en.korea.com

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