Minggu, 19 Februari 2012

Hands off Super Junior co-stars, actress Ivy Chen warned

Fangirl and the boys: Skip Beat! stars (from left) Lee Dong Hae, Ivy Chen and Choi Si Won. — PHOTO: SHIN MIN
For Taiwanese actress Ivy Chen, acting with two members of the wildly popular K-pop group Super Junior – Choi Si Won and Lee Dong Hae – in TV drama Skip Beat! was a physically demanding role.
She was warned that she should not touch them.
As bizarre as it sounds, it turns out that fans of Super Junior are so protective of their idols that 29-year-old Chen was advised to ‘be careful and not to get too close to the guys’, she told a media conference here on Friday. Lee and Choi, who were in town for a Super Junior concert on Saturday and Sunday, also attended.
The Taiwanese drama Skip Beat!, which airs on E City every Sunday, sees Chen play Gong Xi, a girl who enters showbiz to exact revenge on her childhood friend and love interest, Bu Po Shang (played by Lee), who has forsaken her after becoming a celebrity.
Credit: Straits Times | By: rachael boon

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