Jumat, 17 Februari 2012

☆ Giveaway No.2 | Choosing a 5jib Winner: A Story

This is uksujusid’s friend IRL and this is my story.  Last year when I was a student:
I couldn’t find enough people to fill in my questionnaire for my dissertation:
So… uksujusid suggested that I get help from her fellow ELFs and I thought: “that’s not a bad idea”:
And wrote up this post  here.  After less than a day I had enough people answer my questionnaire:
And so I managed to pass university and graduate:
Then something popped into Uksujusid’s head:
“How about we give away an album to those who helped you in your dissertation?” And I thought: “Yeah, why not?”
Time passed and I forgot to pick a winner:
So Uksujusid shouted at me to get my ass moving:
And I was like: “sorry ’bout that…”:
So I thought of how to pick a winner:
I numbered all the entrants and told Uksujusid to randomly pick a number and that person will be the winner!  Now you guys are probably anticipating who won:
And the winner is: farynaz! Congratulations!
Now… The rest of you will probably be like:
Or even like:
But don’t fret because there are still chances to win an album!  So just smile and be happy:
Much love!
From Mrs Jaejoong xoxo

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