Sabtu, 11 Februari 2012

f(x)’s Sulli takes Heechul to the nail salon

f(x)‘s Sulli has done the near impossible by managing to get an older brother figure to not only come with her to the nail salon, but to get his nails done as well.
On February 11th, the idol revealed that she “took Heechul oppa to get [our] nails done“. Of course, the post required a proof shot, and so the two idols posed with their new nail art for the camera.
Sulli opted for a bright crimson in solids and polka dots, while her ‘older brother’ Heechul decided to go with a moustache on a single nail. The SMTOWN siblings drew comments of envy for their close relationship, as they try to hang out whenever they can, despite the difference in age and their busy individual schedules.
Fans commented, “I can’t believe Heechul got his nails done there too! What a good older brother”, “You guys act like a real brother and sister!“, and “I can’t even convince my oppa to come shopping with me… Sulli unni, you’re so lucky.
Heechul is currently serving in the military as a public service personnel, while Sulli has been taking some downtime after a hectic promotional period last year.
Source + Image: Sulli’s me2day | allkpop

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