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Extravagant Challenge Episode 6: Highlights and Thoughts

In the previous episode, we were left with Gong Xi agreeing to portray the character of a play in a completely different way than expected. What happens next? [SPOILER ALERT!]
Jiang Nan Qin scolds Gong Xi because Gong Xi isn’t working hard enough to decide on what she will do with the role. Jiang Nan Qin doesn’t want her to worsen their reputation by doing a poor job and embarrassing herself in front of all the other actresses who were looking down on them. Gong Xi then gets an idea of what to do when Jiang Nan Qin tells her that other actors just follow the script. When Gong Xi goes onstage, she completely flips the role of the sister from one who is trying to comfort her little sister to one who harbors some hate for her little sister because of their mother’s death. She flips the lines that the sisters say to each other, with the little sister trying to explain how her father loves her and Gong Xi trying to disprove each thing she says. Her acting really strikes a chord in Maria, who gets so engrossed in the acting that Maria starts to argue with Gong Xi that her father does love her.
Gong Xi successfully helps Maria realize that her father does love her and doesn’t blame her for her mother’s accident, so Maria asks Gong Xi for help on how to communicate with her father. However, Gong Xi tells Maria that Gong Xi doesn’t have a father and we find out her relationship with her mother isn’t good either. Thinking of her mother makes Gong Xi sad, so she lets out her feelings to her purple gemstone that she named Corn because of the boy named Corn that she got it from. She accidentally drops it when the director scares her on accident and Dun He Lian picks it up. He seems to be really surprised that it belongs to Gong Xi and that she named it Corn because apparently, Dun He Lian was the boy, Corn, who gave it to her when they were younger, but Gong Xi doesn’t know.
Because Gong Xi accomplished helping Maria, the president allows Gong Xi and Jiang Nan Qin to attend training classes for free. But when they are doing a warm up exercise, the two end up getting in a fight and are punished to stand in a hugging position by the side of the room. Gong Xi then tells Jiang Nan Qin about how she had no friends in the past because of a boy that she was always following around, but she doesn’t tell her that it’s Bu Po Shang.
After the training class, the Love Me Group gets another assignment to attend as audience for a variety show, and Gong Xi gets the opportunity to appear on the show, but she gets the role of the mascot of the show, Coco Chicken. At first, she is excited to appear on TV even if it’s just in a chicken costume, but her mood is ruined when she finds out the guest on the show is Bu Po Shang. She then uses her hidden identity to try to embarrass him with embarrassing questions, but he avoids them by giving twisting his answers. Bu Po Shang begins to suspect the chicken has something against him, so they get in a fight and Gong Xi gets in trouble with the show producers. At the end of the episode, Gong Xi is put into a “cage” as punishment for ruining the show.
Again, a lot of the humor is really exaggerated, but I found it hilarious this time. I love how they actually got her the chicken costume! In the preview for the next episode, it revealed that they will be showing the part where Gong Xi and Jiang Nan Qin are going to audition for a commercial. Looks like they’re going along with what happens in the manga, so I can’t wait to see how it’ll work out!
Credit: Ningin

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