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Culture and traditions celebration in Saudi Arabia, in relation to Super Junior

Al-Janadriyah” or known as the Culture and traditions celebration in Saudi Arabia. its a yearly celebration which had started before 27 years ago. every year there’s a different country will get hosted to have a corner in this celebration to show both of the citizens and the Residents who live in Saudi Arabia more about this hosted country. this year Korea is the host, it had been a really great pleasure to have Korea as the guest in the event. there was a hug accepting from the visitors for this corner more then the years before.
they had showed about both of Korean Civilization , the ancient and modern there’s a section, where they put screens for airing some of the historical Korean dramas. and in the modern section, they put a another screens airing modern dramas and some of the amazing k-pop songs like Super Junior, TVXQ, SHINee and 2PM. they gave attention for those band groups especially, Super Junior..
they also gave the visitors magazine “it’s a yearly magazine only for this event” and it was talking about the” Hallyu wave”, in the first page they showed a huge picture for the kings of the Korean wave, Super Junior

the article is talking about how the “Hallyu wave” takes all over the world by their music, movies and dramas.
and i can clearly say Korea Represented herself in the modern section with Super Junior. And I definitely can feel that Korea is really proud of them, very proud of Super Junior. cause they are not only a group of handsome guys!. they are talented and full of kindness and they deserve that. of course Super Junior did a really good job. Representing their country by their amazing songs not forgetting their awesome dance skill. A lot of people were interested of everything in that section, it was literally crowded near the screen that aired k-pop songs, where there was a Korean girl chat with the visitors and tell them about Korea. Actually, it was almost everyone who talked about Super Junior. They were like, the main subject in the event.
In the end I would like to say it had been such an honor to have Korea as a host in this special celebration. adding for that, the excitement that k-pop gave us in this amazing event especially Super Junior.
Credit: m i i n a h ♡ 남자3호☁ (pinkelollipop)

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