Kamis, 02 Februari 2012

3RD WAVE MUSIC Twitter Updates..

Sssssstraight to the stadium to rehearse and get ready! Blood is boiling. Simmer simmer
Spend last half hour jamming w Henry w his new guitar. Pretty nice
Tomorrow I’ll pick a place for any fans who might want to have a greet and meet time. Haha. It’ll be fun to meet ya guys
Stage before anyone enters here at the Taipei Arena. pic.twitter.com/njnCDGIR
@donghae861015 is practicing and rehearsing.pic.twitter.com/kodB13ks
This is their outfits. The wardrobe team does an excellent job of organizing. Wish you could have their accessories? pic.twitter.com/SZSNq2Z6
As usual @siwon407 prayed together before we started the concert to bless Taiwan.
We are about to start The Super Junior leaders are saying 가자! Or Let’s Go!
Credit: 3RD WAVE MUSIC (3rdwavemusic)

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