Kamis, 02 Februari 2012

3RD WAVE MUSIC Twitter and FB Updates..

@siwon407 & @3rdWaveMusic just finished singing now.
Sea of blue. this is Zhoumi singing from Super Junior M. We spent the last 20 min talking about our lives.
Going up on stage to take final bows from guest artists!
Day 1 in Taiwan Observation: At first I thought the Taiwan fans weren’t as loud in their cheers. Then I found out that the Taiwan fans are intensely listening! We could tell they like to remain a little more quiet so that they can pay attention to the song. Kudos to Taiwan for their appreciation for music.
We’re gonna put up pics on Friday Nite of SS4 Day 2! All the good pics are coming..gotta follow us to see them!
Credit: 3RD WAVE MUSIC (3rdwavemusic) and 3rdWaveMusic

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