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10 Idol Couples That Need To Be Real

Valentine’s Dayis here, and while you spend the beautiful day with your loved one or your kpop bias through the computer, we can never miss out on the idol couples that we just adore and love. We know that we all have those little fantasies about who our biases look best with, and whom we just really really want our biases to fall in love with. Because it’s Valentine’s Day, and we selfless fans all want our idols to be happy, of course.
Before I go on blabbling about the couples I find super adorable, I do have to make an announcement that I am aware of the love triangle and love polygons going on in the kpop world, so my list can vary from opinions. Though, you might just see the couple in the “Honorable mention” list right under each couple, just to get everyone a happy start on Valentine’s Day. :)
And here goes the couples that Cupid CANNOT miss out on before his retirement! (in no particular order)
1. Beast’sKikwang and Secret’s Hyosung
2. Beast’s Yoseob and IU
3. 2PM’s Nichkhun and f(x)’s Victoria
4. 2AM’s Jo Kwon and Brown Eyed Girls‘ Gain
5. 2PM’s Taecyeon and SNSD’s Jessica
6. Big Bang’s G-Dragon and 2NE1’s Dara
7. SHINee’s Key and f(x)’s Amber
8. Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and SNSD’s Hyoyeon
Dancing King and Dancing Queen. Just can’t find a cooler couple. Eunhyuk is known to be the less good-looking member of Super Junior, and same goes to Hyoyeon in SNSD (personally I find them both really attractive actually), but together, their dancing talents make them shine amazingly ever since their trainee days. That’s over ten years of their lives together, don’t tell me there isn’t at least a bit of feeling for each other because I totally see the spark.
9. Super Junior’s Sungmin and SNSD’s Sunny
The ultimate aegyo couple is the most adorable and epic couple you will ever see in the kpop world. Sungmin = super aegyo, Sunny = extremely aegyo, Sungmin + Sunny = cuteness overload. I don’t usually ship Sungmin with anyone else but Kyuhyun, but Sunny has earned my full approval to marry this guy.
The Sunsun classic:
10. CN Blue’s Yonghwa and SNSD’s Seohyun
So who’s your favorite idol couple? Who else in the kpop world should date?

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