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WGM Dimple Couple with Fighting Junior’s Blind Date [Transcripts]

  1. Donghae brought a big bag to the blind date
  2. Kyuhyun said he would be real (showing his real self). He said he would not think the blind date as a broadcast
  3. Kyuhyun asked Leeteuk : How does 30s entertainment feel?? LOL
  4. Eunhyuk to Sora: How does it feel to have a 30 year old husband?? //Sora: Man starts in their 30 // LT: I’ll start my 30s with Sora -_-
  5. Sungmin asked, “Could a meeting start at 8AM??” (I think he thought it was too early in the morning XD)
  6. Eunhyuk said him and Eunseo had met before (if anyone doesn’t know, they were recording KBS Variety program Oh! My School together)
  7. The 3rd girl had met with Hyukjae too before. Same program with Eunseo, KBS Oh! My School.
  8. Eunseo said she is doing kickboxing too
  9. Hyuk asked to Eunseo if there is anyone among fighting junior who’s close to her ideal style and Eunseo said YES!
  10. Hyukjae asked to Lee Sena how old is she. At first she seemed like contemplating to tell it or not but then she told them Lee Sena was born in 1982. One year older than Leeteuk so he called him noona.
  11. Leeteuk said Eunhyuk never drinks then Kyuhyun said to Hyukjae “but u drank during ur birthday ??!!!”
  12. The 4th girl was still a student.
  13. Sora asked Hyukjae what is his ideal type„ he said that everyone in there (the girls) are his ideal type OTL
  14. KH : My name is CHO KYUHYUN //DH : CHO KUHYUN?? // KH : Is ur ear not able to hear?? (OTL)
  15. Kyuhyun said his hobby is watching movie while drinking wine (not surprised, he actually had said this before during Danny’s Music Show on October 13, 2011 translation here)
  16. Kyuhyun said he likes women with pretty forehead so it would be good if all the girls could show him their foreheads =_=;;;;
  17. Donghae’s talent showing time : he brought out the big bag he had earlier. The bag was the bag that Hae used when he exercised so there are clothes too in it. Hyukjae then said ” Donghaeyah, it’s not like u will live together after the blind date” XD
  18. 2 girls chose Sungmin. Eunseo chose Hae, Hyukjae’s face looked sad LMAO
  19. No one chose Hyukjae and Kyu


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