Selasa, 24 Januari 2012

[TRANS] Sungdong Cafe with DJ Heechul

Listener:”Will Heechul oppa really appear tmr? I’ll get angry if he doesn’t! I’m studying so I can’t watch the radio..” Heenim:”This listener seems like a middle school student..”
Heenim: Hello. 20th Jan 2012, I’m Sungdong Cafe’s DJ, universe big star, Kim Heechul.
Heenim: There are many people who texted in and said they’re worried whether I can do this radio show well. So I used the song “I have no problem” as my answer.
A listener texted in to say that she’s unable to get married and she’s worried, but she’s not even 30 years old. She used “yong” instead of “yo” at the end, which is a cute way of talking. Heenim: “Seems like I know why you can’t get married. Hahahahaha”
2nd song: Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry
Heenim: I’m already 30 years old so there are many people who asked when I’m getting married. When I went back to my hometown, many of my friends and relatives have also gotten married and have kids. I said this before, as compared to getting married, I want to have kids more. How cute will my sons and daughters be. It’ll be shocking~
Listeners texted in to congratulate Heenim for getting Seoul gayo daesang. Heenim: “Thank you. On the day Super Junior got the daesang, I was in dorm. They came and said ‘Hyung, we got daesang!’ I said ‘Congratulations kids!’. But members said ‘Hyung, aren’t you Super Junior too?’”
Listener said she wants to hear Hwanhee’s live singing then Heenim imitated Hwanhee.
Listener: With Heenim’s ability, you should be able to invite SNSD’s YoonA to your radio show right? Heenim: SNSD’s YoonA is very busy recently. I will try to ask for a call out with her..
Last song of part 1: M&D Close your mouth
Credit: @heequeenTing

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