Minggu, 29 Januari 2012

Super Junior’s Siwon jumps excitedly in London

Super Junior’s Siwon has updated fans once again about his whereabouts in London! On January 28, Siwon shared the above photo via his Twitter and wrote, “I’m on my way to NIZUNI. Nice sushi place. address: 22 Chalotte street London W1T 2NB.”
The photo shows Siwon jumping excitedly on the streets of London. He looks quite funny with his super excited face.
Fans commented, “Oppa, you look really excited at visiting London”, “He looks energetic, playful”, “What brought you to London? Are you on a trip?”
Sounds like Siwon’s a little lonely and wants his fans to find him!
Source: Siwon’s Twitter, Ningin

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