Selasa, 24 Januari 2012

Super Junior’s Shindong and SHINee’s Key struggle in alkkagi while Sungmin shows you how it’s done

Ah, alkkagi. The game of hitting pieces off a Korean board. Sounds easy enough, but that surely wasn’t the case at this year’s Lunar New Year’s MBC Idol Alkkagi Championship.
While we have seen SNSD’s Yuri and TiffanyT-ara, and SHINee’s Key struggle magnificently, a few idols have shown off their fearsome skills (like TEEN TOP’s Niel). Super Junior’s Shindong also proved to be inept at the game before he was replaced by Sungmin, who couldn’t take it anymore, and proceeded to ruthlessly crush the opponent.
Meanwhile, Key made another appearance, this time against LEDApple. How did Key do? You’ll just have to watch the video (and the cute reactions).
Credit: Ningin

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