Senin, 30 Januari 2012

Super Junior’s Leeteuk wants to know if he should grow his hair longer

What does an idol do at 5AM in the morning? Well, I don’t know about the other idols but Super Junior’s Leeteuk heads to his Twitter account at that time to asks fans if he should grow out his hair. On January 27th, Leeteuk tweeted, “Good old days. I only have one style now because I am an MC. Should I grow my hair again?”, and attached the above photo.
The photo revealed shows Leeteuk posing with his hands under his armpits. My friend told me that your armpits are one of the warmest spots, so I wonder if he was cold or something. He looks as if he’s in pain so that might be a possibility. With his hair reaching his shoulders, Leeteuk looked as if he was a character from an anime.
Netizens commented, “It’s 5:00 a.m, why aren’t you sleeping yet?”, and “You look young in the picture. I miss that look too.”
What do you think? Should Leeteuk grow out his hair or do you prefer Leeteuk’s short hairstyle?
Source: Leeteuk’s Twitter, Ningin

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