Selasa, 31 Januari 2012

Super Junior’s Lee Teuk Plans to Enter the Military This Year

Super Junior’s leader Lee Teuk revealed that he plans to enlist within the year.“I think I’ll be taking on many new challenges in 2012,” Lee Teuk told Mnet’s musician interview program MIC on January 29.
Lee Teuk, who turned 30 this year, revealed what challenges would be in store for him, saying, “I plan to serve as an active duty soldier. I’ll enter the military after I break my back with promotions this year.” As such, he’ll be passed the military baton by fellow member Kang In, who will soon be released from his duties in April.When the producers asked whether he received any advice from Kang In and Heechul who are already serving, Lee Teuk said with an awkward smile, “I’m hearing a lot of stories not only from those two, but from the people around me. I think I should stop listening. I get more nervous.”He added, “I happened upon a video taken during a military training session, and the soldier there had tears flowing down his face while he said ‘I’m okay, but I want to see my family’. It made me tear up as well,” expressing the nervousness he was feeling before his enlistment.Lee Teuk also revealed the secret behind the copyright of Super Junior’s unique greeting, “We are Super- Junior.” He said, “Mr. Boom specially yielded us the copyright for his greeting. The contract was signed after the two parties reached a nice agreement, but a condition was that I had to sacrifice myself for the other members and become a student of Boom Academy.”
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