Kamis, 26 Januari 2012

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and T-ara’s Hyomin in the Chinese version of “We Got Married”

Amid the news that a Chinese version of We Got Married will be made, pictures of its virtual couples have recently attracted attention.
The Chinese actress Lou Yixiao has recently uploaded her picture taken with Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, who is her virtual husband in the Chinese version of We Got Married, on her blog. In the picture, Lou Yixiao and Kyuhyun are smiling together with a bouquet of roses in front of them.
The Chinese singing group BOBO’s Fu Xin Bo, who has become a virtual husband of T-ara’s Hyomin, has also released a picture of himself with her in a friendly pose.
The Chinese version of We Got Married is a collaborative project between MBC and the Chinese TV channel SMG. After airing two pilot episodes, they will decide whether or not it will be arranged as a regular program. If the pilot episodes are favorably reviewed, export of the program format is also expected to be discussed.
Besides Hyomin and Fu Xin Bo and Kyuhyun and Lou Yixiao, two Chinese celebrities, hosts of TV shows in Shanghai, will also appear in the program as a virtual couple.
The Chinese version of We Got Married will air on February 13 and 14 on SMG as a special program for Valentine’s Day.
Source:Starnews , korea.com

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