Rabu, 25 Januari 2012

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Siwon banter with each other on Twitter

Super Junior’s Eunhyukleft kisses for fans for the New Year, but it wasn’t just the kisses that have fans amused and squealing.
Eunhyuk had written, “Happy New Year~~~!!!!!!!! U~muack♥” and uploaded the above picture. However, Siwon took note of that and started a fun banter with the dancer.
Siwon: The whole world is shaking~^^
Eunhyuk: London is really fun right?
Siwon: Why are you like this like you’re an amateur yourself^^ Its good its good really good (President of young girls)
Eunhyuk: Amateur? Why are you like this, to your London sunbae^^ was it called Premier League, I don’t even know (Eunhyuk previously visited London)
Siwon: You’re not.. talking about the movie Sean Connelly appeared in right^^? And I already came here in 1995.
Siwon: That’s a 4D gag. Unfortunately it was on the day I arrived so I was unable to catch the last Man U match^^
Eunhyuk: What would you have known in 1995
Siwon: Seems like I was careless with my words, I’m sorry hoobae-nim^^ ㅋㅋ
Eunhyuk: Shut up stop travelling around and come back to Korea to work. And quickly give me 1 million followers too

I am very amused by this. Seems Siwon got owned by Eunhyuk, who is jealous of his 1 million followers.
Source: Ningin

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