Jumat, 13 Januari 2012

Super Junior is the “album king” of Taiwan

Super Junior has been crowned the “album king” of Taiwan, with their dominance in various charts for 2011.
On 13th January, SM Entertainment revealed that Super Junior’s 5th album “Mr. Simple” and 4th album “BONAMANA” took the number 1 and number 2 spots on the Taiwanese music site KKBOX’s “2011 Annual Kpop Ranking,” for both the singles and albums category.
Super Junior’s title track for their 4th album “BONAMANA” took the number 1 spot on the KKBOX charts for a staggering 63 weeks, a new record in KKBOX history. The title track for their next album “Mr. Simple” also recorded 21 weeks at number 1, and Super Junior has been at the number 1 spot of the charts since June 2010 and has not lost the crown since.
Also, the annual sales chart released by one of Taiwan’s largest record chains also show that “Mr. Simple” is the top selling album in the J-Pop/K-Pop category, while Super Junior’s Chinese sub-unit Super Junior M’s “Perfection” took an impressive second place in the Chinese music category, showing once again that Super Junior’s great popularity in Taiwan.
Source: KStar News and KKBOX, koreaboo
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