Kamis, 26 Januari 2012

Sungjin Cyworld Update in relation to Sungmin – so sweet T.T

I am also 24 years old now… Even if I’ve grown older, I really want to always live in my parents’ arms like before.. The world is a night which shows cruelty. As I grow older, there seems to be changes ..
Hyung, when we were young, we deceived our parents and did this and that and stayed united~ You don’t know how empty I felt when you started dorm life, moved out your luggage and is unable to come home. Seems like I am lucky~ Because of hyung, there are many people who gave me support when I was tired. My social circle is not wide and don’t have things to be congratulated for, but everyone took care of me~ What I can do is know that there will be people to cheer for me no matter what mistake I make and even if there are things I am unable to do~^0^ You’ve worked hard today. Also have an enjoyable day tmr!
Credit: Sungjin’s Cyworld 
Translation by:  HeequeenTing (heequeenting)

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