Minggu, 22 Januari 2012

SM Entertainment has the most Facebook ‘Likes’ in Asia

With the Hallyu Wave spreading across the world, more and more Korean entertainment labels have been opening their own official pages and accounts on various social network sites, such as Facebook, to reach out to all the international fans out there. It has been noted that out of all the Asian entertainment agencies with official Facebook pages, SM Entertainment’s Facebook page has gotten the highest number of ‘likes’ in Asia and the second highest in the world!
SM Entertainment had opened their Facebook page last June and has gotten over 1 million ‘likes’ in just seven months. With all the ‘likes’ from their artists’ separate Facebook pages, like Super JuniorSNSD, and SHINee, the number of ‘likes’ is nearly 10 million combined!
SM Entertainment aims to share photos, teasers, and event and album information with all their fans through their Facebook page. If you haven’t already, make sure to ‘like’ the SM Entertainment Facebook page here!
Reaching so many ‘likes’ on Facebook is quite an achievement! However, with so many loved artists, it’s not surprising that SM Entertainment has the most ‘likes’ in Asia.
Credit: Ningin

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