Rabu, 25 Januari 2012

Siwon & Leeteuk Twitter Updates

@siwon407: The shooting schedule in London for this time has ended^^ To all the staffs who have troubled themselves for an awesome piece of work in the weather that suddenly got cold, you all have worked hard^^
@special1004@siwon407 You’ve worked hard!^^ When you go back, go to Italy and buy Hyung’s favourite Rizzo ice cream, margarita, pizza, clothes and shoes from each of the various famous brands, then go to France and buy some wine, then go to Germany and buy a bottle of beer, then safely get back (to Korea)~^^ I’ll give you 10,000 won so you can just take the remaining~^^
@special1004@siwon407 There’s a saying that if you go to London your butt will get prettier~ London is small and pretty, just as a man like me~ㅡㅡ You know that song, right??? You should know, your butt is small and pretty, just as a girl like me~ㅡㅡ…Please, (say you) know the song ㅋㅋ Laugh ㅋㅋ
@siwon407: With Taegeuk Warrior whom we’re so proud of! Met them accidentally at the restaurant, player Ki Sungyong, Park Juyoung, and Ji Dongwon^^ Seems like the background’s manor and clearance just didn’t came out^^ We are Nation Junior^^!
*Teuk deleted his second tweet to Siwon for some reason lol

Source: @siwon407, @special1004
Translation by: @sujunesia

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