Kamis, 26 Januari 2012

Ryeowook Twitter Update: Thanks InNa noona

@ryeong9 Thanks InNa noona ^^ @KissThe Radio: Yoo InNa from ‘Raise the Volume’ gave some mandarine oranges to Ming and Ryeok DJ
@ryeong9 Affection spreading through mandarine oranges throughout 2FM Her handwritting is so cute~ Thanks ^^ yfrog.com/est2grij
@ryeong9 ‘@donghae861015 When are you coming back ~~~~ >< sob sob’
@ryeong9 Nobody stop me ~~ I will sleep at 10 PM from now on kkk Everybody good night ^^ Shall we see each other in my dreams? k ><
Credit: Super Junior R (ryeong9) 

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