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[Preview] MBC “We Got Married” – Jan. 21 Episode

[Preview] MBC "We Got Married" - Jan. 21 Episode
ee Teuk♡Sora: We had a date meeting ♡
Today is the day when Sora organizes the date meeting for the Super Junior members. Fighting Junior waits for their date partners with a cheerful mind. At that moment, Lee Teuk and Sora arrives. They have prepared a date for each member that is catered to each member’s ideal type of lady.
At last, their date partners arrive one at a time. How will the Super Junior members respond when they first see them? The ladies begin to introduce themselves in earnest. They are also given time to ask questions and answer them. What question did Eun Hyuk ask that caused everyone to cower in embarrassment?
This is something you can never leave out of date meeting. It’s time to reveal your charms. Fighting Junior each show off a different charm to each other, especially Dong Hae who has come with a bag packed full of stuff. What was Dong Hae’s rather cumbersome performance? And who will be picked as the most charming guy by their date partners?
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