Kamis, 26 Januari 2012

A letter from Sungmin’s dad ‘To Sungmin’

To my son:
To my son who is always overseas and busy with work, seems like I can only send a support message as a father. In the past, people who always praise their children are called “weaklings”. Not sure from when on, I also became someone who likes to praise my own son. You have been softhearted and kind since young, so you always get pinched by girls when you went to kindergarten right? There was once when you came back with a big injury on your face. Although I didn’t say anything, my heart was hurt. You don’t know how hurt I was at that time right? That time, Your mum sent you to learn taekwondo. Thanks to that, our son achieved the 6th level of taekwondo. You work hard in no matter what you do since young, so you received many praises from teachers. I am really proud of such a son. Sungmin ah, when you went for casting at the company, your mum kept me in the dark. When I first heard that you got selected, although I was a little sad, I felt it’s nothing when I look at how well you are doing now. It’s a pity that our son who selected a special occupation, an artiste, is unable to have good student memories like others. Our Sungmin-ie should also live like other normal kids and create good memories with his friends. It’s a pity. It’d be good if you are able to contact your friends and keep in good relationship with them regularly despite your current busy schedules. Although you’ve been doing well up till now, dad is going to give you some advice. You have quick eyes for learning things and strong curiosity, so you accept new things very easily. But there’s one thing.. Recently, you’ve become closer with fans through twitter, but there’s still a problem. Use this chance to think about it. I think that artistes should be a little mysterious but there’s also a need to let others know about your existence. Although there are many members in Super Junior, remember that there are still fans who like your honesty, hardworking look, cuteness, kindness, ability etc. There are fans who likes your looks on stage and become happy because of the words you say in broadcasts. That’s what dad thinks. There are small and big mountains, there are roads for going up and down mountains. Our Sungmin-ie started with going up a small mountain, I can also see another mountain. You are now going to challenge another big mountain. I am sure that with preparation, you can also create an icon that only belongs to Sungmin. Although you are tired from overseas schedule recently, no matter where you are, always remember that there are family, members and fans from all over the world who love you to cheer for and support you. My beloved son, dad is really proud of you.
Full Translation Credit by the awesome  HeequeenTing (heequeenting) 
Video Cut… thanks to  perMINent.net and fallingstars86

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