Jumat, 27 Januari 2012

Leeteuk Twitter Updates: Is there any way at all to cure this?

@special1004: Work addiction.. Is there any way at all to cure this? Because it seems more serious than I thought.. I’d just go crazy^^ㅋ Once I rest, I get depressed ㅋㅋ It’s like I’m really crazy.. Should I go on a holiday, go see the beach..?
@special1004: Psychologist Haresh Shetty says, “There is a trend that most workaholics are young, unmarried and distanced from their family and friends.” Furthermore, “Because these people feel a greater attachment to the office than their home, they spend even their leisure free time in the office.”
@special1004: Although working hard is definitely necessary in life, but if one buries oneself in work and is unable to enjoy even one’s free time, and develops indifference and negligence towards their home, then he is not improving his life through his work, but essentially breaking the equilibrium of his life.
@special1004: Yet there isn’t one thing that leads his health, personal life, or time spent meeting friends toward a normal lifestyle. When it accumulates to this much, the work soon leads to over-working and the delay of success. Working fervently during ones youth is a desirable thing, (4/4) but it is even more important to be able to properly allocate the time spent between work and the rest of ones life. A life that is ultimately being restricted and controlled by work, instead of a life that leads the work along, can never be beautiful in the end.
**he copy-pasted an article about this topic..
Source: @special1004

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