Sabtu, 07 Januari 2012

Leeteuk Twitter Update: ^Fighting Junior together^

@special1004: Each time when we finished the performance in Japan, with full of fighting, Fighting Junior together having a dinner to ate ramen.. It calls Rapim^^ Members!!! I love you all!!! Today those fans who come to the show, i love you all !!!
@special1004: Donghae’s phone quality is really looks like Donghae.. My dongsaeng’s! Have to be like now, being happy and don’t feel tired as always!! And also, our fans!!! We should keep staying together!! Today is really full of the happiness!! ^^
*He deleted this tweet :) @special1004: We always dining after finished the performance.. Only with ramen and cola.. Totally like a ramen family, rapem~ With full of fighting spirit, Fighting Junior^^ Always laugh like this moment, to treasure each other!! I love you all !!!

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