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Information regarding KIM HEECHUL FAQ Public Service

Still wondering why Heechul can tweet, go to the movies, musicals and be a DJ on radio?
*As you have read from this article , it is explaining what a Public Service Personnel is. But it’s only the general description. It really isn’t comforting to Petals’ hearts, right? So I decided to research more.
The question of “where you go and what you do” clearly is the most important one but still left unanswered so I decided to research on my own.
I asked a Korean friend of mine , Hochan, 24 years old, he came to study in my country after he was released from the army last year, these questions and here are his answers. He was a level 1 soldier.
1.) If you pass and become a level 4 soldier, which is a Public Service Personnel, what does a public service personnel actually do?
He will work in the city hall, subway, factory and other places. Like a government worker. Depends on where he is assigned.
2.) At the end of the day, where does he go home to? To his own home or there is a dorm for all Level 4 soldiers?
He will go home to his own home.
— Now he stays at SJ dorm with Leeteuk, Donghae and others.
3.) Is he going to have a semi-bald hair like Level 1 and 2 soldiers?
No, he won’t.
****NOTE: There is something I want to clarify. It seems that my Korean friend left a detail when I asked him about the Korean army. Koreans, even if they are qualified as a level 4 soldier *Public Service Personnel*, because they have the 4 weeks training in Nonsan, they are going to shave their heads. Yes. As you can see from Heechul’s look right now. But after Heechul will be released from 4 weeks basic training, he can grow his hair back again.
4.) After the 4 weeks training at Nonsan Training Center, what’s his life going to be like?
He will go everyday to his own home, after 5pm. Actually, they are not called soldiers, so they will only learn how to use a gun and grenade and basic knowledge of army and combat for 4 weeks. Then after that, they will live like a citizen.
Regarding questions, if you can send him letters, food and stuff like that, common sense would tell us, since he can go home to his house everyday, you can send him letters, food and stuff, if you know where he lives. But if you do, aren’t you going to be considered a sasaeng fan (사생팬) already?  
What is a sasaeng fan? Read here.
Here are also some info that might answer your questions. I quoted these from this blog.
  • Achieving Level 5 and below is fairly difficult; you really have to have some severe injury, such as a torn ACL, missing index finger, serious mental illness etc., to qualify.
  • “Public Service Agents” positions, usually reserved for Level 4 people – those who qualify for active duty, but just barely. If you live in Korea, these guys are the men in green uniform working at a subway station or a local government office.
  • Public Service Agents essentially work as a government clerk, and are subject to much ridicule by most other Korean men. (I guess this happens because they would be considered weak or handicapped, but not always anyway)
  • After serving in active duty, Korean men are considered to be serving in an inactive duty. For eight years after the end of service, Korean men are supposed to report for a mandatory training up to 100 hours a year.
  • In case of a war, all Korean men between ages 18 and 45 are drafted for labor mobilization.
  • He can use cellphone, he can’t use cellphone while 4 weeks training but after, when he is working at his assigned work area as a public service personnel, he can use cellphone during break-time. Like normal people.
  • If Heechul joins Super Junior promotions and schedules, he might go to army again, because it is illegal. Because he will be considered “failed to complete his “military duties.”
Supporting information about this is about Singer/Rapper PSY who also originally served as Public Service Personnel but “failed to complete his “military duties” and went back to army again. (Just click the links)*In other words, even though he will be away from the public eye (unless you stalk him but i’m advising you to not do this) for 2 years, he can still live with other Super Junior members.
Heechul will just be like resting from the entertainment world for a while and go work as a normal citizen in the Republic of Korea. So Petals and ELFs, let’s not cry too much!! He’s just here, he isn’t really gone, he won’t be locked up with so much rules unlike Level 1-3 soldiers have (like Kangin)..
——PS: If you are curious about the Korean Military Service, you can read here!
Military Service Series: Part I – Mechanics of Military Service in Korea -
Part II – Life in the Korean Military -
Part III – Korean Military and Korean Society -
You can learn a lot from this blog. And you will know how hard Kangin is working, serving his country inside the boot camp. (Unlike Heechul who, we can consider, somewhat, a free man^^) Thanks to the Korean for the information. :)
Gathered by: @mimilovemicky of Heechulfacts

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