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Idol Research Part 2: Ideal Types and Allowances

Idol Research Part 2: Ideal Types and Allowances
On January 20, Ilgan Sports, a popular Korean newspaper in Seoul, did a special survey of idols, called Idol Research. It surveyed a total of 92 idols, 45 male and 47 female.
Part 1 asked idols about their grades in school. Other questions on the survey asked about the idols’ height preferences for their ideal types, and how much monthly allowance each idol got. (Note: The following results are averages calculated by all the answers that were given.)
Idols’ heights for their ideal types
Male Idols: My ideal type has to be over 155.2 cm. (34 people)
To male idols, height isn’t that important for their ideal types. Most idols said that “it doesn’t matter.” About 20% of idols surveyed said that their ideal types should be at least over 150cm. Super Junior’s Eunhyuksaid, “She just has to be over 100cm,” gaining attention for his humorous answer. There were idols who revealed specific height limits for their ideal types.
Idols’ spending of money
Male Idols: My monthly allowance is $158.66. (30 people)
“I have my manager, so I don’t need my allowance,” was a common answer among male idols. Through the survey, it was revealed that 11 out of 30 idols don’t receive any allowance. Including Super Junior’s Ryeowook, four idols said that they received allowance only when they needed it. Four idols said that they spend at least 500 dollars a month, three said that they each spend 100, 200, and 300 dollars, respectively.
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Source: soompi

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