Rabu, 25 Januari 2012

Donghae presents Maxim Colors 1 Day press conference interview [Transcript]

MC: It’s been such a long time, how have you been?
Donghae: I have been given lots of encouragement from fans since I was arrived in the airport.

MC: Do you miss Thai ELF?
Donghae: Yes, of course. I also told the other members that ‘I would visit Thailand again.’ (Up to now) I only got to sleep for one hour only.

MC : Have you prepared anything for the fans today?
Donghae : I have prepared for ‘my love’ to give to them.

MC : (If) you have 4 colors and 4 styles of contact lens. Which ones would you give to the members?
Donghae : For ELF, I would choose blue contact lens. It really matches with them but I think all of them actually match with them. I think I would take them back to Korea and give them to the members too. For blue one, I’d give to Eunhyuk, brown one for Leeteuk, grey one for Kyuhyun and black one (the fans shouted out Kibum’s name) Hahaha Okay okay I would give black one to Kibum. I also met with Kibum before Lunar New Year starts too. He said to me that he also missed all ELFs as well.

MC : How is Kibum now? Have you ever got to meet him?
Donghae He is fine. (He said) he would miss Thai ELF as well.

MC : As you will be filming the CF tomorrow, do you prepare anything specially?
Donghae : I’d like everyone to cheer for me, to like and love Maxim contact lens a lot. It has got 4 styles as seen from their colors this time.

MC : How is your feeling after receiving Golden Disc Award
Donghae : We had received 4 awards and we are very glad and happy. We will continue to sing for fan and please don’t give the love to the others.

MC : Why do you really love Thai ELF like this?
Donghae : They are cool. They are the fans who keep giving me an encouragement and love me ever. There is nothing can be compared to what they have done for us.

MC : Thais have just passed the flood crisis and even to some of Thai ELF as well. Please give them an encouragement.
Donghae : I also heard this news when I was in Korea. I prayed for them with the members. We don’t wish it to be occurred again. We prayed for everyone to be healthy and safe. [Fans shouted: THANK YOU]

MC : Leave message to the fans and things about this Friday’s event.
Donghae : Thailand is hot nowadays. Please beward of catching a cold and please encourage me. I will be filming the CF tomorrow. I also prepared something special in this Friday as well. I hope that everyone would come and encourage me.
Translated by:@taenggyunjae / J @ iLeeteukELF

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