Selasa, 24 Januari 2012

5th Jib Giveaway No.6 Sungmin BIASED?

^^ are YOU Sungmin BIASED???! Do you LOVE his aegyo??! Do you love his KICK ASS martial arts techniques? Do you want to WIN a Sungmin 5th JiB Ver A?! If so…… you must complete the following..
… Follow @sup3rjunior & … Follow Sungmin News (perminent)
Create a SHORT Video Clip
  • State Your name, age, where you are from.. and why you want the Sungmin CD, or why you like Sungmin etc.
  • the duration MUST be no longer than 2.00 minutes
  • the title MUST be “ Sungmin Giveaway”
Comment with YOUR URL link on this post.. ;D
I’m attempting to KEEP THE competition SIMPLE SIMPLE .. Deadline? February 1ST ! (UK Time) 
p.s. ANY QUESTIONS? do ask ;D

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